Painting - Figurative

A range of painting styles and medium including oil, acrylic and watercolour.

Bob Brown

sketch-woman Bob studied in Manchester where he was influenced by the teaching of Neville Wakeling, whose methods attracted controversy and praise in equal measures. His work celebrates the infinite

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Jasmine Mercer

Street_TheatreJasmine Mercer was born in London to an English mother and Persian father and studied Illustration at The University Of Brighton.

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Agamemnon Otero

agot_006bRaised in New York state, Agamemnon apprenticed as a teenager in the Chiaroscuro technique of painting. Since gaining a Batchelor of Arts at Sarah Lawrence University he has exhibited and sold internationally.

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Chrissy Thirlaway

online artists galleriesChrissy studied for her Fine Art degree at Maidstone College of Art and her work covers a wide range of disciplines including painting, printmaking, and tattoo design.

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Jim Hanlon

Bazar_35x30cm_OilOnPanel_245.00Working from his south west London studio, Jim Hanlon produces figurative and naturalistic  paintings for a client base in the UK and Europe. His work, whether privately commissioned or represented in UK galleries,

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Paola Minekov


Paola's themes are always derived from everyday experiences and impressions. In her paintings she explore topics like movement, energy,

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Timothy Sutton

Oscar dog portrait oil on canvasTim enjoys all realms of portrait painting, especially those involving fur! By ensuring accuracy of colour and tone he makes the work not only look real, but feel real.

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desert_girlVirrgo’s work encompasses both abstract, figurative and elements drawn from variety of sources.

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Shirley Maher


Shirley Maher has previously trained as an art teacher at Middlesex University, since then she has been to a number of art colleges,

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Sally Muir

P1040032Having spent many years as a knitwear designer and more recently co-author (with Joanna Osborne) of a series of knitting books, Best in Show, knit your own Dog and Best in Show knit your own Cat.

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Mike Tedder


My work creates a juxtaposition of dreams, realities and sensations, fleeting moments from life inspired by my own experiences.

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Priscilla Watkins

text_introPriscilla is known for her paintings of people swimming at Brockwell Lido. On one level they are paintings of figures in water but they are also about the

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