Mixed Media

A range of styles and materials including drawing, collage, glasswork and relief.


Azure's art has often used music and the landscape as a reference point to create. He has been an artist for over twenty years, working for numerous companies such as British Aerospace and BP. Alongside his artwork,

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Melanie Phelan

Phelan frontArtist and educator, Melanie Jane Phelan, creates striking paintings on canvas which are simultaneously figurative and abstract.  Heavily influenced by mass media representations of femininity, including fashion, film and advertising,

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Pragya Kumar

Grotto2Pragya was born in India, graduated, trained as an interior designer and now works for a design firm in London. Although she has never been to any art school

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David Spencer


David collects photographic images of street letters found on his travels and compiles them into unique art

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Kelly O'Gorman


Bachelor and Master of Arts graduate Kelly, works mainly in ink, predominantly influenced by the female form,

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